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We love technology.  We encourage our clients to go online and collect information from the web.  We ourselves use the web to streamline the mortgage process and access the newest and the best lenders have to offer.  It is a fast changing industry and technology has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve.  But all the computers and web information in the world does not replace the need for smart mortgage people behind the process.  It is using the technology smartly that distinguishes our firm.

Step One - We Talk
So, you're not an expert in the complexities of mortgage financing?  Yet you know sellers prefer pre-qualified buyers.  This is why we start with a pre-qualification process.  This is not an approval, but rather a preliminary review of your situation at which time we make some evaluation of your mortgage options.

The first conversations either by phone or in person are the most important.  We go through quite a lot of information like your income, your employment history, your savings, and your credit history.  We realize that you might not feel comfortable sharing so much personal information with strangers.  For that reason information must flow both ways.  You need to feel comfortable with us just as we need to evaluate your mortgage potential.

Step Two - The Application
You've found the perfect property and settled on a deal. 

Now we make it official.  We work together to complete the entire paperwork process.   We secure credit reports and appraisals, collect supporting documentation on assets and income, problem solve any anticipated or unexpected issues that may arise and prepare a full loan package for final review by a lender.  We do this together in person, by phone, via fax and through the internet. 

Step Three - The Closing
The day arrives when the lender - finally - issues your commitment.  At this point we are on the final lap towards closing.  We work together to clear your file for closing, coordinate title work and insurance coverage, and schedule your closing date.  We know this last leg is as important as the start, and see ourselves in the process until your keys are in hand.  Depending on the industry volume the entire process typically runs from 30 to 60 days. 

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